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Your body is a reflection of your inner life. If you have held onto strong emotions and pushed them down, it will show up in your body. If you ignore old wounds and lock them away from your awareness, your body still stores that energy.

You may experience dis-ease, which is really your body telling you that something should be acknowledged.

Who do you turn to for help? My guest on Heart Dancing Radio may have some answers.

Sheryl Sitts is a certified Transformation Coach, Holisitic LIght-Color-Sound Practitioner and the founder of Journey of Possibilities, a holistic spiritual community. Sheryl believes that we all have a light that heals us, we just have to be open to access it. You will love her light-hearted attitude about living a full life with grace and ease.

One of my favorite quotes from this interview is: “We ask for these trials so we can evolve to be the divine in human skin.” That is Sheryl’s focus – the evolution of divinity as expressed by humanity. 

Please join us in this conversation and celebrate the journey!

FYI: There is a short break in the conversation around 12:58 minutes, but hang in there. It doesn’t last long and the remaining interview will rock your world 🙂 !

It’s just another step in the Heart Dance <3!


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