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Where do dogs find their love?  (That question popped into my mind this morning, waiting for the coffee to finish.) Do they learn it or is it part of their genetic make-up?  Environment or heredity – the age old question.

Maybe their love comes from a different source, for a different reason.  Take away the theories, the scientific rationale and reasoning, and just accept that answer is simple.

Dogs are a miracle of God’s love.  We share our homes, our beds and our lives with them because they are pure, unadulterated love.   And that depth of love can only come from one source.


The following is another poem (I use the word loosely, because I am experimenting with this new format) that captures my thoughts on this topic.  Please leave comments on my blog – I would love to hear from you!

Patient waiting

To be with me.

Hours spent chasing rabbits

In the mind.

Ecstatic reunion.

A switch flips on

And pure love

Pours out.

My day falls away

As my arms fill

With furry joy.

Laughter spills over

As my face is blanketed

With wet kisses.

Each one a


Love letter.

Patient listening

While I review my day.

The struggles

The anger

And frustration

Grow dim and fade away

When I gaze


His face of

Pure love.

Patient love

constant and infinite.

Who knew

God would choose

This heart,

Small enough to

Fit into my hand,


Big enough

That it fills

My world

With His love?

Please share your dog pictures – they truly are miracles of love.

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