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Leisa Peterson

I had never heard of “Mindful Wealth” until I met Leisa Peterson. She has quite the story to tell about her path from being a Certified Financial Planner to Wealth Coach and founder of WealthClinic, a global community that helps entrepreneurs improve their relationship with money.

Scarcity, a violent tragedy and culture programming formed the perfect storm for Leisa to evaluate her life, her goals and what she defined as “wealth. Coming out the other side, Leisa discovered that she was not the only one with limiting stories around money and wealth. She left the world of finance to help people in their wealth creation, and the rest is history.

Leisa also has a podcast that has shot up in iTunes ranking. The Art of Mindful Wealth is a great resource to learn more about this thoughtful and deliberate way to look at the world of wealth.

When you visit her website,, be sure to watch the video series you receive as a free gift. The content is enlightening and insightful, and you will walk away with new ideas of how to see your money differently.

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