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Dear Beautiful Human –

I see you trying so hard to please others, to do the “right” thing, but who takes care of you? You are so focused on the outside world that you ignore your inside world. And the only person that hurts…is you.

What does self-care have to do with forgiveness? Everything.

When you judge yourself based on outside events, you will never see the authentic you that is a wonder to behold. Your judgment limits your eyesight.  It’s almost as if you have in the darkest of sunglasses, and when do you decide to turn inward, you can’t see your own magnificence because it’s too dark.

Isn’t it time to take off the sunglasses of your judgments and limiting beliefs?

Too see if you are ready, answer this question:

If I were presented with the exact same situation now, would I have responded differently?

If your answer was “Yes,” then you are ready to forgive yourself. You learned from your past, and you won’t make that same mistake again.

Now go hug your dog, the master of forgiveness. We’re all in this together, remember?​

Drop the Leash on your old, limiting stories and free yourself from conditioned thinking. You have been holding yourself back — run free!

Tail wagging madly,


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