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How would you handle this dilemma: you know that you have psychic gifts but to succeed in the business world, you have to ignore them?

That was the situation that Carollyne Corner faced. She knew that she could tap into a deeper wisdom and work with energy, but that ability did not seem to fit in her corporate career. She struggled with this conflict until the day she was forced to make a decision. A dramatic accident brought her face-to-face with herself.

Listen to this episode of Heart Dancing Radio, and learn how Carollyne resolved her conflict, how she helps her clients and what she can teach us to lead better lives.

On October 9, 2018, Carollyne is teaching a free webinar that will include:

  • How to begin using your intuition
  • Grow your business exponentially (without burning out)
  • How to discover your unique gifts to empower your business and your life.

Carollyne is passionate about helping you discover your gifts and share them with the world. You become empowered to show up in your business and your life…as authentically you. Learn more at

It’s just another step in the Heart Dance!

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