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Some wise person defined “fear” as “false evidence appearing real.” I have always felt that this definition did not go far enough to capture the depths that fear can take you away from your authentic self.

Remember the last time you were immersed in fear? Was your heart racing and your breathing shallow? What was the most immediate thing on your mind – to get away or to make it stop?

Fear is the ego’s way to convince you to play small. The ego is that judgmental part of your mind that tells you everything you did wrong or why you will never be enough. Fear is the ego’s tool and it cuts like a knife, right through your self-esteem.

Fear can never destroy your authentic self. It just distracts you from it.

Your authentic self is always there, resting and waiting for your acknowledgement and acceptance. Which you can only do when you are no longer fearful.

When you glimpse the life you could have on the other side of fear – suddenly you become fearless.

If you knew you were 100% supported in everything you did, wouldn’t that make a difference in your choices?

When there is no fear, there is only freedom. To create a life you love.

Last week on the Heart Dancing Radio Show, my special guest was Ashley Sibille. We had so much fun talking about her journey, the lessons she learned and why she created CALYL (Create a Life You Love), that I invited her back on the show this week. On February 19, 2015, Ashley and I will talk about how to move beyond fear to freedom. PLEASE JOIN US!  (The details of how to listen live are shown below in the Dancing Girl graphic.)

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