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While I was tending to my small flower garden this morning, the birds were very busy getting breakfast.  A red tail hawk that recently took up residence in the upper branches of our oak tree screed loudly, as she tended her babies.  Life’s rhythm could be seen, heard and actually felt.

Then I noticed what I was doing to my flowers.  As my mind pondered life’s

rhythm, my fingers automatically removed any dead or dying blooms from the plants.  I was “deadheading” and not even thinking about it.

Then it hit me – what would my life be like if I deadheaded all of the imagined grievances, past hurts, frustration and anger that I carry with me?  What space would open up and how would my life change?

I know what happens with my flowers when I tend to them lovingly and deadhead regularly.  New growth appears in the stem that had past blooms removed.

Why w

ouldn’t the same thing happen to me?

That question hung in my mind as I took the photos that appear in my blog this morning.  It resonates in my heart as I closed my eyes, and stood in grateful appreciation to God for this insight.  It resounds in my veins as I start my day.

Why not me?

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