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I had a frustrating moment yesterday, when I was trying to download an audio file so I could share it on my social media sites. Sounds simple, right? Not for me – my computer kept converting the mp3 to a different format that FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram did not understand.

I finally figured it out, but not without some hair pulling, gnashing of teeth and overwhelming frustration. My mind stopped working on the solution and immediately turned to its favorite target – my self-esteem.

Frustrated by my ineptitude, I sat down on the sofa to get calm. As I practiced deep breathing, I could feel my muscles relax and my heart rate slow. And just at that moment when I released myself (mentally, of course) from the stranglehold, my cat jumped on the sofa next to me.

He usually want to be rubbed and petted and is very insistent when he is in that mood. But this time, he was different. He just sat and stared at me. Green/yellow eyes focused all of their power…on me.

It was unsettling at first, but then I realized something important. My upset from earlier was totally unnecessary, trivial and without value. His eyes told me that I was loved, no matter what. And that I mattered – right here, right now. I somehow understood that this  moment of connection was all I needed.

Being in the moment was so much better than thrashing around in emotional turmoil.

This incident made me think of my guest on the Heart Dancing Radio Show tomorrow night, 01.29.15 at 9:00 p.m. cst. Kevin Rose is a licensed massage therapist and Diplomate-Certified Craniosacral Therapist. But he has another passion – check out his website at Kevin has discovered the link between animals and humans – and how we can learn to return to calm by the wisdom of animals!

I can’t wait to visit with Kevin about these amazing discoveries and how they can help you in your moments of crisis. Please join us — you just might walk away with a different understanding of your cat or dog!

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