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Have you ever noticed when you react to a situation, instead of considering your response? When you immediately “see” red because of what the other person just said.  It’s those times when words fly out of your mouth with no filter, or when you over-react to a situation because it “pushes your buttons.”

The good news is that you were the one to program your buttons…and that means that you also have the power to change or alchemize them.

As we move through life and start to accumulate experiences, we also begin to accumulate conditioned thought patterns. It’s just the way our minds work – the patterns help us move through life more efficiently. Your mind recognizes when you have experienced a similiar pattern and serves up your conditioned response.

Effective it may be, but living from your conditioned thought patterns is tough on relationships, careers and causes you stress.

How do you reprogram or alchemize these patterns? That is what today’s episode of Heart Dancing Radio is all about. You will learn a neutral method to transform your thought patterns from lead to gold.

It’s just another step in the Heart Dance >3.


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