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Are You Ready?

I am not about to proclaim myself as an expert. I am not offering you anything that you couldn’t do for yourself. All I can share is how I learned to accept myself and change the script of my life.

Take some time to explore my offerings. The Heart Dancing or Empowered Way Walking Meditations may speak to you. If you love dogs, my latest book, Drop the Leash, reveals how dogs stay in their happy place. It has been called a “training manual for life.”  If you enjoy fiction, then my book, Heart Dancing, may open a door to a new awareness. There are also many heart-centered people I have interviewed to discover how they found their happiness. Check out the past episodes of Heart Dancing Radio – you may discover someone else who speaks to you!

All I ask is one thing: Promise yourself that in every moment, you will greet your Self with love, joy and gratitude.



When you are in a vibrant relationship with your Self, you know that you are worthy, loved and present. Your chaotic, limited thoughts smooth out and you can actually be led by your inner wisdom.

If you are not in a dynamic relationship with your Self (and it’s been awhile since you even thought about it), I may be able to shine some light on your path.

Hello – my name is Kathryn Eriksen. I’m an author, a transformational-change speaker/trainer, and Story Alchemist with a Phd in Heart Dancing. I can help you reconnect with your authenticity. What I call “the Self.”

For many years I was a successful lawyer, but I left that world to seek my own truth. I became a student of positive psychology, self-improvement and I even became a Certified Trainer of Infinite Possibilities.

I teach a process called Heart Dancing. It brings you back to your Self and reconnects you to the love and worthiness that you were born with, but may have forgotten.  Heart Dancing was created from my own angst, frustraton and disgust with myself. It wasn’t until I stepped out of my humanness and back into my beingness that I could breath again.

I learned how to allow life to flow through me, not happen to me.

After many years on my journey I know this much to be true:

To truly achieve inner fulfillment and fully accept who you are, you can’t rely on other people’s expectations of who you should be.

Happiness comes when you focus on learning, knowing, and being yourself…authentically…with every breath you take.

You are here to express the unique you that is begging to be seen and heard.

Wanna know how to become a Heart Dancer, break free from the shadows that have imprisoned you, and allow the light of the universe to flood your soul?

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