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As a way to repay all of the kind people who have taken the time to read and/or follow this blog, if you will send me your email (or sign up on my website at, I will send you 2 Miracle Tokens.

“What is in the world is a Miracle Token?” you ask suspiciously.

It is a simple way to give someone a boost, or share a thoughtful insight, or even wake them up to their spirituality (I always shoot for the biggest goal).  I will send you these Tokens by email, so you can print them, share them or even post them on FaceBook or Twitter.

I have started leaving a Miracle Token with my tip at a restaurant.  Since they contain a way for the recipient to share their experience, I can’t wait to read about what a ripple they caused.

Won’t you help me spread the news?  Just leave a comment, or find me on FaceBook (KathrynEEriksen) and send me a message.  Or go to my website at and sign up for my emails.  It’s simple, easy and fun!

Whose day will you spark today?

P.S. Miracle Tokens play a huge role in my latest novel, “Dance with the Divine,” which is still available as a free Kindle download.  Just go to and start reading on any mobile device or computer!

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