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Do you know that your soul has a blueprint for your life? Have you ever even considered this question?

My guest on Heart Dancing this week has made it her life’s work to help entrepreneurs align their business purpose with their soul mission. Lisa Berkovitz is an intuitive coach and healer, who guides her clients deeper into self-mastery while holding space for them. Her goal is to help align spirituality with business, so that decisions are made exclusively from Soul wisdom. As Lisa describes her work, “I like to help my clients make their Soul their CEO and their mind their COO.”

During our short time together, more wisdom and insight poured out of Lisa than I have heard in a long time. Join me and let me know if you don’t agree!

You can learn more about Lisa at She has a guided meditation available for immediate download that will help you discover your own soul wisdom.

It’s just another step in the Heart Dance.




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