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From the moment that dogs submitted their freedom to humans in exchange for love (read The Origin Story), the dynamics of this relationship were established. Allow me to share some passages from my book written for humans to understand more about dogs.

What Dogs Know that You Don’t

Anyone who has ever lived with a dog and observed them knows that dogs are unique among animals. Your dog is a member of your family, treasured for his company and valuable for his presence. Sometimes, people mourn the loss of their dog more deeply sometimes than their human companions.

I know why that happens. It all comes down to the relationship. Your relationship with your dog is simple, pure adoration and admiration. There is no judgment or criticism – only a mutual respect and love.

A love affair between a human and a dog is a wondrous thing to behold.

A love affair between two humans…not so much.

Humans tend to complicate the communication and the purpose of relationships. Unspoken needs, unfulfilled desires, and hidden fears operate beneath the surface and can cause a tsunami of gigantic proportions. Some people never see it coming.

Dogs keep it simple. We know why we are here, next to you, patiently waiting for you to hug or pet us. We know what we are doing when we lean against you, offering comfort and support. We understand the power of silence and have a massive capacity for giving.

Dogs are here to love with all of their body, mind, and heart. Humans are too, but you have forgotten. I am here to remind you. (Drop the Leash, page7-8)

Isn’t it time?

When was the last time you sat with your dog and just enjoyed his presence? If you let him, he will sense your mood and use his body to comfort you if you are sad, celebrate with you if you are excited or happy, or just be there for you.

The love affair between a human and her dog is a thing of beauty. Isn’t it time to embody those same qualities of non-judgment, acceptance and pure, unconditioned love in your human-to-human relationships?

In these days leading up to your big Heart day, I asked some friends of mine to help me remind you that you came from love, you are love and you are seen.

Why not check out my book, Drop the Leash: Let Go of the Past and Love in the Present? It makes a great Valentine’s Day gift for the dog lovers in your life.

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