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Occasionally, I will reprint an article I know will be useful to my readers, many of whom are writers. Let me know if you used any

Here are a few more ways that you can make use of a spare five minutes anytime during your work day, leisure time, breaks, or standing-in-line times. There are some great ideas here. Be sure to read all of them.

=> Make a Happy New Year or Just Because phone call to influential people who helped you promote your book in the past year. It’s a kind gesture that helps to build up and nurture current working relationships. – Ivy Julease, author of A Space Called Chastity

=> Go to and order custom bookmarks. Include a picture of your book cover, one-line pitch, website, and where to buy the book. Then put one in every book you sell and pass them out instead of business cards. Bookmarks are much more useful, and for about $25 for 100, they’re definitely worth the investment. – Judith Marshall,

=>  Always have a stash of your books with you. When I’m in a park or a place moms gather, I start up a conversation with them about parenting, then offer an autographed copy of The Birth to Five Book. When they know I’m approachable, knowledgeable, and care, they’re usually eager to buy a book on the spot. – Brenda Nixon, author, The Birth to Five Book

=> Always travel with a stash of your books. On vacation, we stopped briefly in a small-town pharmacy. Strolling around the store, I noticed a book rack. I asked to speak to the person who orders titles, introduced myself and my book. I offered to autograph and sell them for the same discount they receive from their distributor. The pharmacy bought 10 copies on the spot. – Brenda Nixon, author, The Birth to Five Book

=> Write a thank you note on a postcard which features your book on the other side. – Sharon Nash,

=> Add your website address to your email signature. – Sharon Nash

=> List your book signings with They offer a great service called EventMinion that extracts your book event info from a Word file for $1 per event. Amazing service. – Dianne de Las Casas,

=> Use a web calendar such as Google Calendar and sync it with all your portals: PC, phone, iPad, website, etc. List your appointments once and save time. – Dianne de Las Casas

=> Use an app like WorldCard Mobile on your smart phone to scan business cards instantly. Spend less time entering contacts. – Dianne de Las Casas

=> If you hand-sell your books (at conferences and such), look into Square, a tiny device that allows you to swipe credit cards and take payment. It plugs into the headphone jack of your smart phone. Taking credit cards increases your sales potential. Details: – Dianne de Las Casas

=> Take advantage of the Rule of 30 in social networking. 30 posts in 30 days read by 30 people exposes you, your book, or your ideas to 900 people you wouldn’t have met! – Bright Lights Marketing

=> Contact a local newspaper, publication, radio show, or TV show. Many of us forget to promote our new books to the city we were born in, the city we were raised in, our current hometown, and all the locations where we have lived in between. I even wised up and sent my elementary schools, high schools, and colleges notices of my new book. Each press release or email can be tailored to appeal to that certain locale that you have a connection with – for example: “Sacramento Native’s New Memoir Describes His Ordeal as a Tourist Trapped in the Superdome during Hurricane Katrina.” – Paul Harris,

=> Email an online reviewer and thank them for reviewing your book, regardless of how positive or negative their comments are. Many Amazon users have an email address associated with their profile, which makes this easy. By taking a moment to personally thank a reviewer for providing honest feedback, you foster relationships and develop a reputation for valuing the opinions of your readers. – Jeff Edwards,

Here are a few more specialty retailers who sell books, CDs, DVDs, etc.

ECHO Gift Shop, Echo Lake Aquarium and Science Center, One College Street, Burlington, Vermont 05401; 802-864-1848; Fax: 802-864-6832. Web: Features toys, puzzles, games, books, and gifts: Vermont, children, science, nature, maritime.

Vermont Institute of Natural Science Nature Shop, Mike Vermeulen, Store Manager, 6565 Woodstock Road, Rte. 4, P.O. Box 1281, Quechee, Vermont 05059; 802-359-5001, ext. 201. Email: Web: Features books on Vermont, birds, bugs, hiking, and nature.

Wider Than the Sky, 158 Main Street, Newport, Vermont 05855; 802-334-2322; Fax: 802-334-2261. Email: and Web: Children’s books, games, puzzles, and toys.

From my co- author John Kremer
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