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The solar eclipse is August 21, 2017. The moon will cover the sun in a progression from approximately 10:00 – 2:00 CST. If you are at work during that time, you will notice the sunlight slowly fading to pseudo-twilight, then gradually becoming brighter as the sun returns to normal.

This time window is full of energetic possibilities and creative opportunities. Even if you are not religious or spiritual minded, when the spheres of your universe dance in front of your eyes, it is an experience of grander proportions than your mind can anticipate.

Fred Espenak, a dedicated solar eclipse chaser, describes his solar eclipse experience:

You get an overwhelming sense of humbleness and how small and petty we really are compared to the mechanics of the solar system, the clockwork of the universe. These events that are taking place, that in no way can we affect or stop. It gives us a sense of how tiny we are and yet how we’re connected to the whole system.

It’s an event that will impact the entire North American continent. It’s an event that no one can change or control – not even the different groups who are angry and marching in the streets; the other groups who resist them; the people committing violence in the name of their cause; the haters who won’t let anyone have a different opinion.

All of these energies are nothing compared to the energy you will feel during the solar eclipse.

So why not set your judgments and opinions aside, and absorb as much of the eclipse energy as you can. It’s a once in a lifetime event that could just change you from the inside-out.

As a gift to you, I created this special guided meditation to use during the 4-hour window. It’s called Dance With the Divine and it may just transform or awaken something inside of you that is waiting for you.

Continue to use it after you have experienced the eclipse, to remind yourself that there is another source of energy. One that you were designed to dance with. One that you recognize once you turn away from your limiting beliefs and turn inward.

Thank you for dancing with me!

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