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According to Dixie Bennett, my guest on Heart Dancing Radio, your body acts as an energy transference vehicle. It’s almost as if your body is a filing system for everything you experience – emotional, physical, and spiritual. When strong energy is felt in your body and you hold onto it, you eventually create an “energy cyst.” The body can no longer hold onto that energy and it becomes dis-eased.

Dixie lived through chronic pain for most of her life, until she discovered Somoto Emotional Release. Listen carefully when she describes how this method helped ease her chronic pain and bring her body back to life. Dixie even did a quick release on me!

It’s best for you to listen to how she moved through the pain and into the freedom that she now enjoys. She began her own bodywork healing practice and is passionate about working with people struggling with chronic pain.  She uses various healing processes from the inside out, that are gentle, non-invasive, yet highly effective treatments. is where you will find Dixie on the net.

It’s just another step in the Heart Dance <3!

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