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Yesterday, as I was taking my morning walk, I saw a woman struggling to control her two dogs. As soon as the dogs saw me turn the corner, they went nuts, barking, pulling on their leashes and dragging their owner toward me, despite her best efforts. As I let her pass, she talked to the dogs as if they could understand English.

“Don’t do that again,” she admonished as each dog discovered a new, enticing scent to explore.

I shook my head at the notion that words could control an animal that had a will of its own. But then it occurred to me – aren’t our thoughts just like those dogs? Undisciplined, untrained and undeterred from anything that they don’t want to do.

Except there is a big difference between dogs and thoughts.

Dogs are God’s creation. Thoughts are the creation of the person who thinks them.

Makes you pause, doesn’t it? The next logical question is this: “If I created my thoughts about something, does that mean I can change them?”

The good news for us is that the answer to that question is “YES, you can change your thoughts!”

“But how?” you might ask.

Story Alchemy™ is the formula I use to shift a negative pattern of thinking to one that is empowering for me and everyone involved. It’s 4 simple steps that help you refine and reframe your story (a bundle of thoughts about a particular event, person or situation). Story Alchemy may sound mysterious, but it is a practical tool that will ease you into your dream life, one thought at a time.

To learn more about Story Alchemy, please join my email list and receive the free ebook that I wrote about it.As you learn to retrain your thoughts, you will be less conflicted, frustrated and angry. Life will flow as you move with your heart, not not your head. And you will learn to love the dance.

It’s another step in the Heart Dance >3


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