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Getting gutsy is all about stepping outside your comfort zone to reach your goals and live a life that makes you truly happy. This post is my entry for Jessica Lawlor’s Get Gutsy Essay Contest.

2015 is My Gutsy Year

I am an attorney. There – I admitted it. I practiced law for 23 years, then walked away and thought that I would be able to leave it behind, like an old outfit that no longer fit.

No such luck.  Because I am an attorney and always will be.

But that is not the end of my story. I can now declare with confidence and passion, that “I am an attorney who practices metaphysical techniques and shares what I have learned with others.”

That is the first time I have declared those two ways of being in the same sentence…please give me a minute so I can pause and take a deep breath. Now, it is integrated into my self.

Being an attorney means that I can’t stop myself from analyzing arguments for their logic, applying the rules or laws involved and deciding on an outcome. But I have learned to temper that analysis with something more powerful than man-made law.


When you lead first with love, you discover that your judgments dissolve and the criticism and advice you were about to share changes to encouragement and support. You begin to see your world differently, because you changed your perspective from law to

love. Connections and unity become the norm rather than the exception.

When your goal is love, love is all you see.

I have two dear friends who both practice family law from the love perspective. They zealously represent their clients in the courtroom, but they also share empowering metaphysical information and techniques that allow the person to move through the pain of divorce into acceptance and healing. Who would have ever thought that could work? But it does, and all of the people involved in each family drama are elevated because of this unique way to practice law.

I did not choose to stay in the legal profession. Instead, I remade myself from the inside out and now choose to step into my life with authenticity, courage and boldness. My books, blog, email newsletters and radio show are all based on the following:

My new mantra is Let. Love. Lead. And I love to dance from the heart. 

To get involved and share your own gutsy story, check out Jessica Lawlor’s website and download a copy of the inspiring Get Gutsy ebook.

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