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 Are you ready to Dance With Your Life?

Does it seem as if your life is on hold, or you are waiting for that big moment when everything becomes clear? All the promises made by the outside world are hollow and brittle.

“Is this all there is?” you wonder to yourself.

“No!” I would tell you, looking deeply into your eyes. “There is so much more that you can’t see right now.”

Life is full of wonder, blessings and love, but you have to learn a new way to see it. You have to learn to see with your heart, not your mind.

Heart Dancing is a 3 step processes, that brings you back to your Self. It reconnects you to the love and worthiness that you were born with, but may have forgotten.

This is your invitation to join me in the dance. Your soul knows the music. Your heart knows the steps. It’s your mind that stands in your way.

    There is another way to live.  It’s called Heart Dancing.

 Please accept the invitation by clicking the “Dance With Me” button below. You will join a 21 Day Challenge that helps you create a powerful, daily practice of self-care.

You have nothing to lose except your anger, frustration, disgust, shame, and unhappiness. 

Design your life from the inside > out.

You are a powerful creator.

Isn’t it time to live like it?

Kathryn Eriksen is a master at relating the elements of Heart Dancing into relatable and creative steps.  I learned so many new techniques that brought a much sharper, more consistent, way to embrace them in my life.   

D. Larsen

Kathryn Eriksen’s Heart Dancing  was the exact direction I needed. Each week invited the integration of new principles and practices, allowing time for me to become more mindfully consistent in manifesting my dreams. The lessons are carefully designed to introduce just the right strategy at the right time, and Kathryn’s ability to help me create momentum was incredibly helpful.

Anella Wetter, M.Ed.

Empowerment Coach

Kathryn’s message is divinely inspired. I have witnessed her devotion to bringing this message through, in profound and life-changing ways. She is serving a greater spirit, as she helps so many on their own journeys, their own path to their brightest and best. What a gift!

Julianna Ricci

Energy Coach and Healer, MSc

Your life is meant to be a dance

When you were a child, you knew how to dance with life. There were no limiting beliefs or stories that held you back.

As you began to experience things, you gave meaning to those events. And a filter was formed in your mind that may have kept you playing small.

Heart Dancing brings you back to your Self and reconnects you to the love and worthiness that you were born with, but may have forgotten.

This is your invitation to join me in the dance. Your soul knows the music. Your heart knows the steps. It’s your mind that stands in your way.

Heart Dancing: The Art of Being Human

How does it work?

You may be wondering how the Heart Dancing Process works. I help you establish a daily practice that gently leads you to your inner world. As you begin to discover the delights of that world, your outer world shifts to reflect the change.

The Heart Dancing Process


Quiet your mind with meditation. Stay present with mindfulness tools.



Use journal prompts to process, synthesize and integrate new beliefs and intentions.


Intentionally create your life by deliberately focusing on your desires. No more doubt or fear.

kathrynMy name is Kathryn Eriksen, and I have a confession to make. I am addicted to self-improvement. There, that feels so much better to get it out in the open.

I have taken every workshop, attended every event and have a shelf full of books – all focused on the theme of self-improvement. Books and classes based on the Law of Attraction, Manifestation and Energy Healing sit next to “Daring Greatly” and “Wisdom of the Ages.”

All wonderful and inspiring –but I became addicted. And that addiction was based on the underlying belief that someone else had the answer. My life had missing pieces that only the “experts” could supply.

That was then. Now, I know that the answers to all of my pressing questions about myself, my purpose and place in the world…are inside of me. All I had to do was listen.

Learning to Listen

How did I discover the answers to my questions? I learned to be still and listened to my own wisdom. And that made all the difference.

When I started down this inward path, it was a new territory to explore and enjoy. At first, it felt odd and slightly uncomfortable. What would my husband think if he walked in while I was meditating? Could it be this simple?

Consistency and commitment led me deeper into my journey. Time no longer exists as I share space with my Self. The inner journey radically changed my outer life, transforming it from fear and frustration to love, trust, and acceptance.

I am passionate about being the catalyst to awaken you to your unique magnificence. My passion is to spread the transformational message of inner peace and happiness to as many souls as I can during my lifetime.

Please check out my work and feel the connection to your Self. You may just begin to dance 🙂

  • I create: Transformational and life-changing meditations.
  • I write books that share the spiritual message that you are loved more than you could ever imagine.
  • I host: A spirit-led radio show called the Heart Dancing Radio Show.
  • I blog: About spirituality, self-discovery, and positive thinking. In my blog I also provide creative strategies you can use to shift your thinking to experience more joy, happiness, and love in your life.

Want to start creating change in your life today?

   If taking the 21 Day Challenge seems a bit too much, I also have a 3-day mini-course so you can experience the power of Heart Dancing.

Why wait?

When you click the button and dance with me, the trajectory of your life will change.

Join Me in the Heart Dance

There is so much to share with you as we dance together through life. Mini-courses, meditations and mindfulness tools. All in one place.

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